Letters to the Editor: Get a life when it comes to sign rules

The Gonzales Inquirer

Dear Editor,

Would someone please get Mr. Schneider (if that is his real name), a life (try golf), geez. I’m retired and even I can find more and better things to do than rinky dink with honest working people with barn yard stuff; also get TxDOT a brain and get some one to help get their head out of their underside.

To think TxDOT would make a dangerous rule (not a law), for sign for safety to be 7 feet above the line of sight on a city street is not only inane, but dangerous!

To read such a sign while driving north or south on St. Paul or St. Joseph at 20 m.p.h. and reading that sign means you might have just run over a child or a crossing guard or run up on the curb. Way to go TxDOT.


So leave the sign at eye level and keep things safe. Let Chief Crow worry about keeping drugs, guns and child and family abusers off our streets instead of having to worry about rinky dink stuff.

I suggest the city and the GISD file an injunction against the agency within TxDOT that wrote the dumb “7 foot” rule.

That should that take 20 years to get to court. Meanwhile the sign stays at eye level and by the time it goes to court the kids will have micro chips and their school days will be 1 nano second a week then back to wii 1000 and we will try to stave off old timer’s disease by working five crossword puzzles a day.

John W. CcCaskill


ps: speaking of signs, don’t do California stops, do dead stops and give a signal 100 feet before the turn as required by law, not as you slam on your brakes and turn.