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Illegally parked school bus used in speed-trap

Safety is a major consideration in RADAR/LIDAR site selection.
RADAR/LIDAR’s whole purpose is to improve traffic safety, so it is clearly undesirable to conduct RADAR/LIDAR operations where the vehicle’s presence will worsen the safety situation.

The bus was parked in front of Palmer Laakso Elementary, near San Benito, Texas on FM 1847 in the 12in diagonal striped zone. As a part of KGBT-4’s “Streets of Speed” segment.

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Schertz man uses black box technology to fight speeding tickets


by Joe Conger / KENS 5

Police have their eyes on you, why not have your own set of eyes on them?

It was after his first speeding ticket that Duane Davis decided to arm himself, with a device to fight the radar used by Schertz Police.

Davis said, “It correlates GPS technology along with video, shows you your latitude and longitude, velocity, if you’re turning a corner, your G-forces, up and down, your altitude, everything.”

Davis is on his 4th ticket now in 6 months, the latest one for traveling 30 mph in a 20 mph zone. But this time, Davis used what’s called a Smart Black Box to record his journey.

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Marion to take a second look at street signs

Seguin Gazette Enterprise

By Ron Maloney
The Gazette-Enterprise

MARION — Marion city officials will soon begin reviewing the placement of traffic signs in its school zones in the wake of being contacted by a San Antonio man who says as many as two dozen warning, street and school zone signs in the community don’t comply with state regulations.

And so far, he’s only reviewed about a quarter of the city that sits astride FM 78 between McQueeney and Cibolo.

Mayor Glenn Hild said he and Public Works Director Randy Schwenn have begun looking at the signs after being contacted by e-mail by Anthony N. Schneider Sr.


In a series of e-mails Schneider sent to Marion officials this week that were then sent to the Seguin Gazette Enterprise, Schneider informs Schwenn and Marion Police Chief Reed Crane of what he says are numerous violations in the placement, materials or repair of traffic control signs around the city — including signs placed in school zones that lower the speed limit or prohibit cell phone use, which Schneider says use non-standard colors or materials that raise issues of uniformity with state signs out on FM 78.

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