City of Windcrest TX allows endangerment of students

To:  Al Ballew (; Rafael Castillo (; Dale Clark (; Gene Tovar (; Heather Weidenbach (;;
Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2012 09:39
Subject: Unauthorized & Unlawful Persons Directing Motor Vehicle Traffic on Roadways

City of Windcrest TX,

Since the early 2000’s, I have observed & documented persons under the age of 18 both directly and indirectly controlling motor vehicle traffic on City R.O.W., holding/carrying devices with “STOP” and displaying these devices to motor vehicle operators while standing in the direct path of motor vehicles. Back in mid-2000’s, I was told by a former female patrol officer & later former chief, “The PD directly was responsible for the “STOP” devices to be in the procession of the students that are standing in the direct paths of the motor vehicles.”

What part of the following Texas Code and TXDOT standards are not clear to the officials of the City of Windcrest? For just over 10 years, I have directly observed and documented persons under the age of 18 years both directly & indirectly controlling motor vehicle traffic on City of Windcrest R.O.W., with & without an non-qualifying adult nearby. These persons under the age of 18 years have stepped from the place of safety off the sidewalk/curb and directly into the path of oncoming motor vehicles forcing the vehicle operators to stop in order to prevent hitting the persons under the age of 18 years. Especially when there was not any gaps in motor vehicle traffic. Twice in the last 2 years, I have directly observed & documented a unauthorized adult stepping in the direct path of oncoming motor vehicles, not in a crosswalk, not near any intersection, directing & forcing vehicle operators to stop in order to not hit the person. Then directing motor buses to enter roadway from a driveway.

Included here was the transportation and MUTCD code that is at the bottom of this post

Anthony N Schneider Sr

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Illegally parked school bus used in speed-trap

Safety is a major consideration in RADAR/LIDAR site selection.
RADAR/LIDAR’s whole purpose is to improve traffic safety, so it is clearly undesirable to conduct RADAR/LIDAR operations where the vehicle’s presence will worsen the safety situation.

The bus was parked in front of Palmer Laakso Elementary, near San Benito, Texas on FM 1847 in the 12in diagonal striped zone. As a part of KGBT-4’s “Streets of Speed” segment.

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Schertz man uses black box technology to fight speeding tickets


by Joe Conger / KENS 5

Police have their eyes on you, why not have your own set of eyes on them?

It was after his first speeding ticket that Duane Davis decided to arm himself, with a device to fight the radar used by Schertz Police.

Davis said, “It correlates GPS technology along with video, shows you your latitude and longitude, velocity, if you’re turning a corner, your G-forces, up and down, your altitude, everything.”

Davis is on his 4th ticket now in 6 months, the latest one for traveling 30 mph in a 20 mph zone. But this time, Davis used what’s called a Smart Black Box to record his journey.

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